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Aramid/Kevlar Fiber Chopped Strands

  Aramid/Kevlar Fiber Chopped Strands,  Aramid Chopped Strands,  Aramid Fiber


Aramid Fiber Chopped Strands is the product of aramid short fiber by special process, which maintains the excellent performance of aramid fiber as high strength,heat resistence, flame retardant, wear resistence, dimensionally stability, etc.



1.Good resistance to abrasion

2.Good resistance to organic solvents  

4.No melting point, degradation starts from 500°C


5.Low flammability


6.Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures

7.Sensitive to acids and salts  
8.Sensitive to ultravioletradiation  




1.Reinforcement Materials


---Repairing and reinforcing buildings and bridges

---Optical cable reinforcement


2.Protection Equipments Material


---Bulletproof apparels and helmets

---High-temperature resistence gloves and apparels 

3.Composite Material  

---Secondary Structure of big airplanes

---Airplane cockpits and engine cowlings

---Yachts and vessels

---Automobile outer shells

---Fan blades

---Circuit boards


4.Friction sealing

---Brake facings and clutch disks

---Gearbox friction plates




5.Sports instruments and others


---Golf shafts

---Tennis rackets/lines

---Skidding instruments

---Racing vests

---Fishing poles