Fiberglass Roofing Tissue
Fiberglass Roofing Tissue

Product Description:

We produce all kinds of  fiberglass roofing tissue mat  according to local specifications and requirements of customer. The whole production lines are controlled by computer, including tissue area weight and binder content also monitored. We have scientific and strict management under our perfect quality guarantee system.


The company owns the strong technical power, perfect science management and advanced quality control system.We also have passed the ISO6001:2000 attestation.


Fiberglass roofing tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for waterproof roofing materials. It is characterized as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easy to soakage by bitumen, and so on. The longitudinal strength and tear resistance can be improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the tissue across its whole width. The waterproof roofing tissue made of substrates is not easy to crack, ageing and rot. Other advantages of waterproof roofing tissue are high strength, excellent uniformity, good weathering quality and leaking resistance.




T/T 30% in advance, T/T 70% after loading goods on board.

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