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Silica Cloth With Aluminum Foil

  Silica Cloth With Aluminum Foil Over material it has aluminum foil . Width 1m, length 50m. Weight 1350gr/m2. Thickness 1,4mm
Silicat products - are extremly made of 6µ yarns and are tearefore non-respirable. Due to special chimical and thermal treatment an almost pure silicate fiber is achieved, the SiO2-share is abaut 94-98%. 
Caracteristics: - extremely high temperature resistance + 1200gr. C aplication temperature;        +1600gr. C decomposition temperature
-  Good dielectric proprietis
-  Good chimical resistance exept for phosphoric and hydrofloric acid 
-  Toxicologically harmless
-  No iching
-  No organic components
-  Content of free silicic acid:0 
-  Flexible
-  Non-combustible according to DIN 4102 A1
-  REACH-conform 
Steel industry, general high temperature areas, ideal protection against liquid metal splashes, glowing slag, open flames and flaying sparks.