Fiberglass Pleated Insect Screens
Fiberglass Pleated Insect Screens
fiberglass pleated insect screens

Product Description:

Fiberglass pleated insect screens is made of middle fiberglass gauze, through progress of paint and twine of PVC and high-temperature, the vertical horizontal gauze comes into being. The net hole is not easy to distort, therefore it is very durable. The gauze is extensively used on windows at home and in hotel to block flying bugs etc.



1.  Mesh size: 16x16 mesh eyes, 16x18 mesh eyes, 18x18 mesh eyes.

2.  Weight/square meter: 80g-145g(+/-5)

3.  Length/roll: 10m-50m

4.  Width/roll: 0.6m-2m

5.  Colors: black or grey

6.  Packing: each roll shrank wrapped, then packed by carton/pallet

7.  special items can also be made as per customers request

High Quality

(1)  Coating glue: our coating glue is produced by Germany BASF which can keep more than 70% after days NaoH test.

(2)  The fiberglass yarn is manufactured by ourselves. We have 60 unites Platinum Crucibles to produce glass fiber, It owns 20% more strength and beautiful surface than normal fiberglass yarn. 

 * The mesh size allows ventilation of the environment.

 * Do not propagate fire.

 * High resistance.

 * 100% non-toxic.

 * Uniformity of the mesh.

 * Washable and anti-mildew.

 * Ecologically correct.