Aramid Fiber
Aramid Fiber

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Aramid yarn is a high strength, high modulus, low density and good wear resistance of organic synthesis of high-tech fibers. Its full name is the aromatic polyamide fibers. Kevlar yarn at a temperature high performance stability, not only continuous use in the temperature range of -196 ℃ to 204 ℃ without significant changes or derogation, but also has not dissolved, no combustion ( fire resistance), only the start carbonized at 427 deg.] C, and even at a low temperature of -196 ℃, the phenomenon does not become brittle and loss of performance, and can tolerate temperatures as high as 538 ℃ short contact time excellent heat resistance.

Aramid yarn as a special fiber composite materials in the aerospace, aviation, transportation, communications and other fields to obtain a wide range of applications. Over the past decade, the characteristics of aramid yarn gradually being recognized, increasing demand.

Aramid excellent performance, widely used, can be used in the aerospace industry, industry, defense industry, automobile industry, heat-resistant and protective clothing, reinforced concrete and composite materials, sports equipment and so on. Because of its light weight, high strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, although the high price of aramid fiber, but still has a broad development prospects.


1. high strength and modulus 
2. insulation and impact resistance 
3. fatigue, tear and shear resistance 
4. low density